Tuesday, 26 February 2013

How many chickens can you get in an Eglu?!

Well, there was a chicken sitting on top of the six foot gate after breakfast today, silly Copper flew down into the field and then decided she wanted to go back. Wouldn't fly back in, she had to be herded through the gate. The Barnvelders have started hopping up onto perches now too. We dug up some worms for them at lunchtime, they didn't go for them straight away but once they had the taste they were fighting over them.
Keith opened up the gates and they mixed quite amicably, and then they were separated for bedtime - or so we thought. Answer - There were six chickens in the Eglu! All on top of each other, I pulled three unwilling Hybrids out of the egg hatch one by one and put them back in their own coop.
Had three Barnvelder eggs, one duck egg and one ex-batt egg laid in the straw bales today. At least I think they were all Barnvelder eggs, who knows.

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