Sunday, 17 February 2013

Desirable residence, must be seen.

This is the inside of the chickens luxury pad as seen from their point of view. The ground floor has entrance hall, thick layers of wood shavings, and off to the left, a nest box with blackout curtain and room for up to three hens at a time, comes with drop down door to stop nest-hogging at night!
Sturdy ladder leads to the upper floor comprising of poo trays to avoid nasty things falling on unsuspecting room mates, one straight perch and one real beautifully sanded real oak perch with window for extra ventilation on your left.

 On the outside, another sturdy ladder leads into a secured run where breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks are available. The outside of the nest box can be seen on the right. This has a lift up lid to allow removal of eggs. (At the moment weighted down with a large log to prevent unwanted intruders!) At the rear is a large door to allow maid service.

Actually, I had to throw the hens in, they were not to sure about the ladder and they are all in the Eglu tonight. The nest box needs some stronger catches than supplied and Keith is going to fit an automatic door opener to both sheds so I don't have to get up at 5-o-clock in the morning to let them out.
Took the ponies out for lunch this afternoon, they stopped at every fast food restaurant on the way but they only had salad!
(We took them for a walk and they insisted on stopping every few yards for some real grass.)
Had scrambled duck eggs for breakfast, not the same as chicken eggs, Keith likened it to a souffle. Think I prefer chicken eggs for scrambling and keep the duck eggs for baking.

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