Monday, 1 April 2013

Easter Chicks... Numbers 2 and 3

The other two out of the original four have hatched, one late last night the other one sometime this morning the last egg was not viable and on cracking the egg I found it had probably failed to develop several days ago.

So that is not bad for a first attempt a 75% hatch rate from those that appeared to be fertile on day 7.
True Easter Chicks perhaps we should call them Saturday Sunday and Monday.

Karen and Alden gave marked their heads with food colouring
So we now have a red one a blue ones and a green one.

The Red headed one is the oldest by a day and the difference in behaviour is very obvious the chick is more confidant and already behaving in a dominant manner.

It will be interesting to see how that pecking order develops especially if he turns out to be she and one or both of the other are Roos!

We will post some pictures of all three tomorrow as we have been busy today taking rubbish to the dump and then off with the Horse-box to get stocked up with Hay

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