Friday, 19 April 2013

Two months or eight weeks of eggs equals...

The egg count for this week is -
Chickens - 36
Ducks - 16
Geese - 8
The geese lay every other day and there is only two of them, so they are doing OK. The ducks are having a bit of a break, although all five girls laid today. The chickens are coming along nicely, seven eggs today, only the three grey are not laying. Dotty is only a pullet so she has an excuse, the  Marans laid one egg each when they arrived and that was it. Naughty chickens!

Since we bought all the new chickens on 23-24 February, we have had 148 chicken eggs and 142 duck eggs. That is over a period of eight weeks (or two months). We have not eaten all of those, some I have sold, after all, the birds do need to try and support themselves! Most of the eggs end up in cakes, omelets, scrambled, or sandwiches. I had such a lot at the beginning of the week, I cracked them into bags and froze them, I will see how they come out later. I had a health check last week and my cholesterol levels were brilliant so much for the 'don't eat eggs'.

 The chicks are getting bigger. This was them at just over two weeks. We have moved them into the conservatory where they can watch whats going on outside. The first time they saw the ponies through the window, they all stood bolt upright, they will have a shock when they get closer. They are very good at flying and love peas, they play 'chase me' with them even if they all have one each in their beaks.

Just a couple of presents. I loved these signs, and they are goose eggs in the wire chicken as I dont have an egg box big enough to hold them.

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