Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Quite a lot of eggs.

Today we have had two goose eggs, four duck eggs and seven chicken eggs, that's quite a haul. We had omelet tonight for tea.
Alden has been making friends with 'Jones'. He loves the birds, fascinated by the geese, I suppose its because he has never been so close to such big birds before. He is such a friendly placid goose, the girls are not so, out of the two Catherine is the friendliest. Getting used to the dog, they only hiss at her now instead of the full honk, hiss and wings thing.

All the geese seem much more settled now their mate is with them. They have been happily dozing on the grass while he keeps watch. Jones did get one of the chickens, Snowy, by the chest feathers when she tried to eat his food, didn't stop her trying again later!
The chicks are growing fast, two of them have tails now and they can 'fly' so must keep the lid down.
The rabbits have been in the veg plot again, don't know where they are getting in. Keith replaced all the fencing in the big fence off so must be squeezing underneath somewhere. Have put extra chicken wire round the field side of the fence, with a skirt to discourage any digging under and help block any up any uneven parts at the bottom. Peter was helping and Jones came along to inspect what we were doing. I suspect the two of them were saying what a terrible job I was making of it.

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