Sunday, 20 January 2013

It's still Snowing!

This morning we took a decision to stock up so hitched up the horse box and went to a local Smallholding to buy some Hay and Straw bales - as many as we could fit in.

After lunch we took the ponies for a walk and met several neighbours.
We stopped for these photos and both Ponies were keeping and eye on a very large Shire like Stallion in a nearby field.

With the snow getting heavier this afternoon, after their walk I decided the ponies best come in to the Stable I have made in my workshop where they watched some telly whilst I did man stuff.

Work on the larger Chicken Coop and walk in run is very much on hold.

So instead as we are providing hay whilst the snow is here to the Sheep and Ponies, I built a (very dodgy looking) D.I.Y. hay feeder this afternoon out of bits of wood I had lying around.

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