Wednesday, 20 November 2013

A trip to the National Poultry Show

On Saturday we went to the National Poultry Show
We saw an amazing variety of birds

here's a few Firstly an Apenzellar Spitzhauben Roo

A rumpless Araucana ( I think)


Very very Brown eggs from a good strain of Maran

Typical Brown eggs similar to those we get from our Marans

A Poland

Scots Gray roo

 Russian Orloff
 A Wyandotte roo I think

 Another one
 An Alden

 A Blue Laced Wyandotte hen

A silver Spangled Hamburgh
The green dots look like they have been stuck on they stand out so well!

A Dutch Bantam roo

a Faverole

 New Hampshire Red

A silver pencilled Wyandotte

 Top Araucana

Another Hamburgh
 A friend for Jones?

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