Saturday, 24 August 2013

Cad West 2nd helping

I went back to Cad West after lunch on Thursday, an excuse to take my MG V8 for a spin.
As we are approaching a bank holiday I did not expect to see many aircraft and sure enough the people up on the hill had only seen a single trainer and a helicopter during the morning.

Later in the afternoon I choose a really bad moment to go to the very top of the hill and look for a convenient bush!

A typhoon came in very fast, by the time I had turned the camera on it was already off into the valley :(

 However rumour had it some Apache helicopters were out there somewhere and sure enough after almost everyone else had left three of them arrived, the last was extremely low!


As I packed up to leave some of the local sheep started to make an appearance to reclaim 'their' hill top.

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